BErlin, Germany


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Blockchain Week Berlin is a decentralized community-organized initiative. There is no single owner. It is an agnostic movement based on the premise that self-organization is the backbone of the ecosystem. We invite projects, individuals and anyone interested in fruitful and educational discussions to join us in Berlin in September.


Blockchain Week Berlin is committed to reduce the noise from the market and focus on education, in order to push mass adoption by providing first-hand information about the industry.

Our concept is simple: keep it educational, try to be as cost-friendly for the community as you can (bearing in mind, we all need to pay bills - so not all events are free!) and to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, so interested parties at any knowledge level feel comfortable to join.

Please be respectful of other events and minimize overlap. 

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September 14 - 16:

Web3 Summit | Golden Box